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Made in China – The Dance-athon

make those experiences memorable and those stories worthwhile

Made in China – The Dance-athon
To get into the groove of the day and scene, lead cast Rajkummar Rao and Mouni Roy would often dance on the sets of their next – Made in China

On set co-star camaraderie is something Bollywood is all too familiar with. While the notion of catfights and ego tussles are what make stories juicy, it’s really the bonding that helps make those experiences memorable and those stories worthwhile. The vibe on the sets of Made in China was no exception!

The lead pair of Dinesh Vijan’s next production venture – Made in China – Rajkummar Rao and Mouni Roy found something different to bond over and that’s dancing. Both are known to have quite the flair for dance. It thus comes as no surprise to find out that first time co-stars would use dance to kickstart their say and get into the mood.

“Every morning, we would play a track or two depending on the mood we had to get into for the scenes we were shooting that day and we would dance like maniacs” says Mouni. “Raj enjoys dancing just as much as I do and it was such a delight to see him share my passion and my madness. He’s really one of the coolest and most fun people I’ve worked with who doesn’t take himself too seriously but puts every ounce of his being into whatever he does – be it dancing off camera to giving that jaw dropping performance.” Mouni says signing off

Produced by Maddock Films in association with Jio Cinemas, The film also stars Mouni Roy, Boman irani, Sumeet vyas, Paresh Rawal and Gajraj Rao and is set to release this Diwali.

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