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How traditional PR is different from digital PR?

social media solutions and many other tools are used. Using right tools one can track every aspect of a digital PR project.

How traditional PR is different from digital PR?

October 2019: When PR sector came into existence, it represented only a single entity, but in the current scenario PR is divided into various sectors, mainly in – Traditional PR and Digital PR. Although, both the sectors works to achieve the same objective-to connect with the target audiences while spreading a positive message and to increase brand awareness. Now, question arises is how different is traditional PR from digital PR.
· Traditional PR and Digital PR
Traditional PR is usually associated with print and electronic media whereas digital PR is based on digital tools corresponding to its name. Mr. Atul Malikram, the founder of a reputed PR company of North India, PR 24×7 says that, “In the last fifteen years or so, the field of public relations has changed with some significant and major changes. In the present time, digital marketing has become an important part of outreach and there has been a substantial increase in the uses of digital or online media.” But the biggest difference between traditional and digital PR is that digital PR can be seen as a broader marketing strategy while traditional PR can be introduced in a more basic way. Digital PR is designed to line up social relations with your comprehensive online strategy, including SEO, lead generation, and inbound marketing.
According to PR professional, Mrs. Neha Gour, “In Traditional PR, you have to be more alert with the content output to avoid any problems in getting your content published. The published matter holds very much importance to meet the expectations of your client. One can say that printed material is directly linked to traditional PR. Digital PR on the other hand creates more scope for response and engagement. Website blogs and posts on social media are good examples of the same. Through digital PR, the level of interaction with the target audience can be increased.”

· Importance of Digital PR
According to Experts, a well done digital PR brings great improvement in the performance of your business’s entire online profile. SEO and advanced search ranking are two areas in which the help of traditional PR cannot be taken. All the engagement opportunities can be availed through social media under digital PR. Digital PR on the other hand has a multitude of available channels. These include websites, social media platforms, blogs, online news and video portals.

· Importance of Traditional PR
Technically speaking, traditional PR is about crafting compelling stories and press releases and disseminating them to different media outlets with goal of gaining maximum coverage and exposure. It chiefly focuses on channels such as general press, printed publications, electronic like television and radio. Using traditional media is a great way to increase the credibility of your brand/product. There is also a large difference in between the tools used when comparing traditional and digital PR.
In order to manage digital PR properly, SEO software, marketing automation services, website analysis (including Google analytics), social media solutions and many other tools are used. Using right tools one can track every aspect of a digital PR project.

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