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The Art Lounge’ is an attempt at nurturing and creating art and artists: Aparna Banerjee

The Art Lounge’ is an attempt at nurturing and creating art and artists: Aparna Banerjee


New Delhi(atal hind)The Art Lounge, founded by Aparna Banerjee, is an attempt at nurturing and creating art and artists. Aparna’s ideology is to promote both local and international art across all genres. Aparna is a contemporary artist and has represented India in distinct art exhibitions across the globe. Her idea is to ingrain art into children and adults, so that they are able to make an impact on society.

Rather than going by the traditional styles of teaching, Aparna gives her students the tools to fully express and explore creative possibilities. Aparna Banerjee feels that in today’s bustling lifestyle, art is the medium that can bring peace to an individual and harmony to the society at large.


She says, “It has always been my endeavor to collaborate with artists and provide a platform where our society gets a chance to understand, admire and encourage the language of art.”

The Art Lounge is not just a hobby class; it is an experience center where one can rediscover oneself. It teaches you to express your thoughts and beliefs in a meaningful manner.”

Not only does The Art Lounge have art sessions for school and college children but also for women and the elderly. They plan to conduct art sessions for the underprivileged children and adults alike.. Every week, they are holding  classes for the cleaners in their office complex. Their students range from 3 year olds to 75 year olds, and a wide range of working professionals – doctors, and  lawyers to name a few.


The Art Lounge also, holds classes for special needs Children, they will have their very own exhibition in the month of February. One of the first exhibitions The Art Lounge held was with Kerala Mural Artists. They invited three established artists from South India and together held an exhibition and workshop. The Art Lounge also organised A Child’s Play recently as well as Romancing Vagaries and  17th Anniversary of Cultural Diplomatic Relations between India and China.

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