Daughters of India fearing sexual assault .. and Gandhi’s sublime work energy *

Daughters of India fearing sexual assault .. and Gandhi’s sublime work energy *
(Dr. Ajay Khemaria)

“The goal of sex education that I am supporting is to win and sublimate the impulse of work, this education should automatically bring to the mind of children that nature has made a fundamental distinction between man and animal. That is, humans have a unique ability to think, understand, feel relationships. ”
This talk of Mahatma Gandhi is becoming relevant in the folk life of India today because childhood in this country today is horrified by sexual assault. The latest figures of National Crime Records Bureau are putting the dignities and controlled motivations of that Indian folk life in the dock. Is the one who gave the definition of relationships to the whole world. Be it the strict justice of the Juvenile Justice Act or the Poxo Act. Timir has abolished that naturalistic distinction between humanity and animalism and all legal provisions are being neutralized against this animalism. It is obvious that Mahatma Gandhi advocated sex education for Indian society 85 years ago. Is he not assimilating his foresight as a sociologist. The latest statistics on child sexual abuse and crime show that his growth rate in the last decade and a half 889 percent. Among them, rape cases have increased by a ratio of 1705 per cent. Child sexual abuse cases in states like Madhya Pradesh, UP, Bihar, Bengal are presenting a very scary picture. In Madhya Pradesh, the hanging of rapists of 12-year-old daughters is the first. The law of punishment has been passed, but the latest figures show that despite the initiative of this strict law in Madhya Pradesh, there is no fear in the heart and mind of the people. In 2015, MP was first in cases of misconduct and exploitation with daughters and second in 2016 after UP.

95% of the close relatives in sexual offenses with girls are acquaintances, obviously the sexual aggressors are not coming from far away, they are only around the daughters, they are their own. Holi of social relations is Who is giving this air to? Why daughters today became insecure in their own courtyards, barns and mohallas, which made them feel confident and respected in the social context, today why they have become their invaders? We remember that the daughter of a village, without casteism, married that entire The daughter of the village was considered to be. Some go back and if the daughter of the village has married in the neighboring village, then the whole village did not drink and eat in that village. That was forbidden food for those parental home of her daughter’s home. How the cycle of time has turned today…! The hostility of relationships in the house is seen as a hostage of lust. Neighbors, friends, relatives have all become suspicious. The question is how this poison is filling the life of India. The reality is that the path of development we have embarked on is the seeds of inequality and discrimination at the core of it. In the name of new economic policies, the consumerism that has emerged in place of citizenship has given money to values ​​in society. Established the place. That is why citizens remain as consumers, whereas India’s public life has been exploitative with consumption. Co-existence is the basis of his soul. Today, the path of development we have started, the basic difference between man and animal is ending. He was in favor of positive expansion. But the Indian ruling class has never tried to understand Gandhi’s foresight. Today economic policies have created a degree of inequality in society. Our policy is not only civilians but creating frustrated human beings, degree holders are just an egoistic piece of information. The new weapon that is being conveyed to the communication technology and data is actually proving to be an enemy for daughters in India. Days Jagatguru Jaggi Vasudev asked an IT expert at a live event, what people see on the Internet. The world of invaders can be understood because 84 per cent of the people using internet in the world watch porn. At this time, pornography is being served to the world through 43 lakh websites. A porn movie is uploaded and uploaded every 34 minutes. Last year, 4.6 billion hours of people used the Internet, out of which about one billion hours of porn has been seen. Today, 2 lakh 09 thousand people watch porn every second. Upa are spending Logkviseshjtr explains that at the moment of nudity strength of businesses that can be Haksmja of $ 101 billion, or 6.7 billion rupees data

Where is spending. The direct access to this pornography, which has quietly seeped into our every conscious consciousness, has set the woman in front of us only in a physical way and has established the importance of physical ties on the basis of social relationships. In the folk life of India, the place of work energy was in the body instead of the mind, it was combined with purushartha but cheap access to data first made us consumers He created and then removed the work from our body and established it in the brain. This is the reason that today most sexual attackers have entered into close relationships. Mahatma Gandhi was talking about giving this dimension a new dimension, his urge for sex education proves the need to maintain sex in the body itself. Unfortunately, no policy was ever made about sex education in India. Around the house There is a lot of excitement behind sex behind sexual assault against daughters

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