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कैथल टॉप न्यूज़ राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा

Local boy Lovelash enters World Book of Records with 10 patents

Local boy Lovelash enters World Book of Records with 10 patents

 Kaithal(atal hind/Rajkumar Aggarwal)

Hailing from the Kaithal district of Haryana, Lovelash Dutt a BBA student of Chandigarh University. He is Founder & CEO of DDU(Dutt Dua Universe), aerospace company. He has been honored by the World Book of Records, London for his matchless contribution in creating Smallest SmartBin with extra-ordinary features and is also honored with the National Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution in Promoting Innovative and Creative activities”. Lovelash Dutt, Talking Smart Bin can monitor waste level, sense motion, and support more than 100 globally accepted languages with salutations like ‘hello’, ‘use me’ and ‘take the trash out’.  His list of innovations includes a smartwatch for visually impaired people and an improvised “stun gun” for women’s safety. . Lovelash currently has around 10 odd patents for different gadgets that he has created over the past five years. He has registered his company Innovative Robot King with Chandigarh University Technology Business Incubator.


Saksham bags 3 job offers from top Multinationals

Chandigarh University, Computer Science Engineering student, Saksham hailing from Ambala District of Haryana has proven the mettle of his hard work and self-determination by grabbing a record number of 3 offers letters from TCS, Cognizant, and Accenture.


International and National Sports achievers from Kaithal

Chandigarh university students have a lot of talent and skills when it comes to sports. Sports are an integral part of an individual’s life and Chandigarh University never fails to provide ample opportunities to the students to showcase their talents. Fighting gender stereotypes in Haryana, Anjali and Sheetal are following their passion for sports. Kaithal girl Anjali who is not short of motivation made India proud with her magnificent performance while representing the country in Sub Junior Championship held in Bhutan and bagged Gold Medal. She also bagged Bronze Medal in Wushu while representing University in  Khelo India University games. While another star player from Kaithal is Sheetal also a wushu player has made a name for herself and bagged Bronze Medal in AIU while representing the University. Another star player from Kaithal is Amit Kumar who represented the University in Qwan Ki Do in (All India Inter-University Championship ) bagged Bronze Medal with his magnificent performance.

डिस्क्लेमर (अस्वीकरण) : इस आलेख में व्यक्त किए गए विचार लेखक के निजी विचार हैं. इस आलेख में दी गई किसी भी सूचना की सटीकता, संपूर्णता, व्यावहारिकता अथवा सच्चाई के प्रति ATAL HIND उत्तरदायी नहीं है. इस आलेख में सभी सूचनाएं ज्यों की त्यों प्रस्तुत की गई हैं. इस आलेख में दी गई कोई भी सूचना अथवा तथ्य अथवा व्यक्त किए गए विचार #ATALHIND के नहीं हैं, तथा atal hind उनके लिए किसी भी प्रकार से उत्तरदायी नहीं है.

अटल हिन्द से जुड़ने के लिए शुक्रिया। जनता के सहयोग से जनता का मीडिया बनाने के अभियान में कृपया हमारी आर्थिक मदद करें।

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