Master Sunil Shakya,participated in numbers of national, international, and World championships

Master Sunil Shakya, a Nepali born and American built an American Citizen, Head Instructor of Chesapeake Martial Arts, USA is a multi-Martial Artist holding several degrees in various Martial Arts Styles. Doing various styles of Martial Arts since 1988, participated in numbers of national, international, and World championships. He is born in Kathmandu. He wants to share his all achievement for the USA, Nepal, and India. He wants to give a particularly good message to all the masters and students that if you train every day you will be perfect in any field. If I can achieve these all then you all can also achieve.

Teaching various styles of Martial Arts and conducting Seminars since 1988 around Nepal, India, Europe, and the USA ( Kung Fu, wushu, Kickboxing, Taichi, Taekwondo, Self Defense ) . His mission is impossible is to a possible. I am immensely proud of my parents and my family who support me in every step. My father Mr. Birendra Shakya would be so happy today but unfortunately, he is deceased. My mother Sulochana Bajracharya Shakya is so happy that I made my country proud. I love my wife Sushmita Lama Shakya is the best partner of achievement. My son Syalwon Shakya is my sparring partner.

Current Ranking, he holds in verities of martial arts is 1. 8th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu 2. 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo 3. 7th Degree Black Belt in Self Defense 4. 6th Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga 5.8th Degree Black Blet in Freestyle Kickboxing 6. 6th Degree Black Belt in Shoshindo karate / Kickboxing very expert in Taichi, Jeet Kwando and Shanshou Boxing.

Past Major achievement are as follows :

2) 5 Gold Medals (Taekwondo , Kung Fu , Taichi, weapons and Team forms) in World Martial Arts Championship 2020 3) Gold Medal in World Jomasar Championship 2020 4) High Range Book of World Record in Taichi ( Longest Taichi Performance) 5) High Range Book of World Records in Martial Arts ( 7 Different Styles of forms performed back to back) 6) Bruce Lee Excellent Award 2020 7) Best Grand Master of the year 2020 8) AWARD OF SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE. 9)HALL OF FAME 2020. 10)BEST OF THE BEST 2020. 11) SPORTS AWARDS 2020. 12) Cultural Practitioner Award 2021 13) Martial Arts Pioneers Award 2021 14) Golden Dragon Title 2021 15) yin yang Award.

He said media is the most powerful tool nowadays. He would like to thank all the media including USA Nepal and India media who love my support for my achievement. great respect to all of them. He would like to thank all the community as well as supporters. He said your all love is his power.

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