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Pulkit Samrat & Kriti Kharbanda organise a special screening of ‘Pagalpanti’ for NGO kids of Shiksha Seva Foundation!

Pulkit Samrat & Kriti Kharbanda organise a special screening of ‘Pagalpanti’ for NGO kids of Shiksha Seva Foundation!

Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda who have been winning hearts all across with their latest comic caper, Pagalpanti, organised a special screening of their multi-starrer on the release day for the children of an NGO.

Pulkit and Kriti, who have been running from pillar to post for their movie promotional activities, decided to host a special screening for the kids of Shiksha Seva Foundation, a national base organisation working for girl child education since the last 8 years…supporting 1024 benificiary this year with education, nutrition, stationary, school bags, uniform, etc.

Being highly popular among the kids for his lovable character in Fukrey and especially it’s animated version (that became even more popular), the kids had a whale of time watching the laughter riot with Pulkit and Kriti and praised his the role of Chandu and Jhanvi in the movie as their “most favourite”.

During the interval, the actors were spotted having fun time with the kids and interacting with them about the movie and the character they loved the most. Well, the fun element doesn’t end there! The lovely gathering also witnessed the actors and kids singing together post the screening as they couldn’t stop raving about Pulkit’s performance as Chandu and his cute chemistry with Kriti on the big screen.

Being the perfect hosts for the evening, the actors had also arranged for mouthwatering delicacies for the kids, ensuring all of them were taken care of very well. For both Pulkit and Kriti, it was the most satisfying experience to see the children smile who thanked them for their kind gesture!

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अटल हिन्द से जुड़ने के लिए शुक्रिया। जनता के सहयोग से जनता का मीडिया बनाने के अभियान में कृपया हमारी आर्थिक मदद करें।

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