Audition Show ,Young Love:

Audition Show ,Young Love:

ever been in love if you’re not alone this is a program buffalo um… the or not that uh… and you and love yesterday welcome to our brand new radio program called young well find a job although i’m certainly not in with on the stand on top of the job common cause those on behalf of august finland professing itself by sally high next  friday casanova still going without reading carpet sublime now new girl new ham pshire huh use the you see the things you can learn at a university everyday and i learn more from the students here then they learn from

me just sitting here on the bench watching the student body spreads itself how do you like that campus mid western university through these portals passed the peak years football players in the world we have a few questions here to likethem now don’t get me wrong i’m not mistak  esy et if anybody refers to me is that kindly gray-haired grand ol man i ‘lltake it easy bob false statements below have fun for the for the milk human and armitage or client-side well what’s the matter with you know did you get a vet goldfish for breakfast i didn’t need any breakfast respondents that you thought that astronomy midterm hopes u r my my main trouble is in this problem well you know a ball of fire in myjournalism class either but don’t worry i never played records than missing bases who’s them asters of their own made you approval as a part of the academic curriculum working well some of my best friends were married including

my mother and father we’ve got to work for a later time william the conquering never got married you to be doing began right on one ofthe plane u next but how would you like to be involved with the most beautiful girl on the campus that everybody else on the campuses and robert bony huron robert their mother everybody else on the campus now and this is the same language expiry i’ ve been going on with jan for nineteen months in three weeks and nothing’s happened if you are going forward your going backward you could alternate for wasting so much time and then sanayung while you still got to hear home makes this is a crisis dan’s been helping with travel with with his spanish in i think she’s beginning to enjoy it low that dumb quarterback practically supports this university yeah but you know what i heard her say dorm what hospital every step that just mean sgood bye because when chocolates and all that and what went on to its doesn’t know anything makes that’s not what you say okay right working if we went into effect got mad what would your folks say we put un tilthey have all what would dance folks that we wouldn’t tell them what was theuniversity officials saying we can’t tell where what would you support

don’t tell me doyou think and i’d be happy to get where we’ll see beautiful spot that imagination helped me with my family with another gave you have another barrier and you might even graduatete enage thank you james the cost of my own life now wait a minute don’t don’t take me to literally had stopped it hink you tube vids are right for each other and when the time comes to do something about it you know what but don’t get married is if you were double parked would be about what you do have your admissions on on your bonds gave overheated wistful wanted me to see around and see if i can remember exactly word for word he said uh… dot imagination and if you know maryright away your people it’s simple issues that

i had lost my here yet but i might forty-seven only two people a moment ifyou didn’t get married william macabre grover cleveland do everyone who have type of any body remembers he i don’t think you heard that you wantedto be update itself which is complex completely different if marriages family but do it for generations athletic finances dot that’s it i wonder if i was fab he was not ones when you can come an dsee why i’m sorry i think i think that mister fung from isn’t going to get afell out of town meeting monthly was annexes out since she loved let me knowif i feel slightly exceptionally together i don’t want to get me i would love it decided to be sent the film professor looking at the start of the white without the graduation no excuse it’s she said how do you think that the patent while visualize that between now and on against it all citizens on both has

uh… it vases decide self and or moved philosopher we want to have to replace the tragedyof life we gotta get married now black now we can win or after i graduated still risky progress keep throwing first along with when the body of a where mary can keep it quiet didn’t come on don activities and working after school from classes when chocolate flat i’m bob whit ten chocolates starlets it takes so long to get those words flew through it don’t let somebody else get the words for the world for but on five counts even greater passing was in fact filehis facility makes his taxes for folks d qm lifelong i’ve how can we talk about because i live how can you know

i cut my own eyes and iapologize hall of fame the jeannie i don’t like fried food we got married from anything five oh five liked him wouldn’t it be blended the reveal life forms i guess you must love me through or you wouldn’t have put up with me for nineteen months in three weeks simpson i love to form but indeed i’m u and plot flight you probably analyzes dissectedboth but the men still on this well you know verses so malian folded bad tempered gum lovely of latino fifteen dipti probably be mounted police talking i’llwe said we know it when the right time came which is the right time i know i canfeel it’s all about getting married can’t be terribly difficult people with no education what so ever do it every day do you’ve got to tell it’s not necessary in the movies i susually done by a justice of the p_c_r_ it’s all along if i cannot politely he comes down things in his bathroom when we do well i’ve got class twothousand pound reported that he lied to me there wednesday regarding and practice how about thursday hot dog didn’t look like a chapter meeting at the fraternity sound like your winter october that

settles itagain we’ve got two hours now we may not get another two hours off untilchristmas vacation it now yeah we can drive up the senate gunfighter justice of the peace in parts of all of these often right after you know don’t have to get ready mathematically tomorrow i’d watch for but you look better in this letter in the spirit than any other girl looks in ways to die withhold remove queen you’re never supposed to be yes i have not reached the end of the word exactly we marry me half octaves gone me from home waived feed him for the fall costs in or you’re the fastest split in half i think you would lend itself well to my parents are left out okay peaceful maybe he doesn’t like

people in theday time fall-off we we want to see the justices of peace god help him in trons on the justice of the peace all eliza beth well we expected somebody long lives pocketful of come back in about for tyeight dash we can’t wait we we want to get married faulted plus one all-cash i forgot i’ve got a married people to god confidentially and left alone i’m a little new at this job a just got elected never have had to perform one of the sethings before content kids will take a lot he name fund alerts the city i’ve uh… a profound someplace tells everything you have to do uh… let me say whether they like to do that for all meredith manual for justices of the fees uh… civilian deaths uh… aptitude fishing licenses pushed legislation on that’s not a holiday right is there a kid so-call edwedding ceremony from not all

that by these presents thatuh… all you’ve got to stand up here five-year plan to meet alexia seem to do this in the movies baker wassup posed to be on the left of the record although it doesn’t make it different ready fall and by the thousands that uh… fortunate james even with him huh decide that it got those names down someplace uh… enough that now are manned by these presents that james the lowest union rep and janet she off having duly registered the irintention to duly registered suppose i audit fee license license what your marriage life we thought you feel that and all i want to do that i don’t think that not not not not not you gotta get your license dot at city hall ivy still out with a lot of people to get on the before the office closes or not the sea uh…

after you get a license there’s a waiting period of forty eightd eight forty eight days ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s not the culvert archiving well what do you know there isan a waiting period misstep of then after we get the license we can come right back here you can marry i suppose self obvi practiced enough while you’re gone stopped how do you feel i feel like we’re doing something credibility the team we don’t have a place to many other and you don’t have a job when you’ve got to be filled with people who live rajeshs like a woman getting all worried over nothing arguing and i can wear practically have married wealthy family icici uh… to me it’s wonderful to be even f_-fifteen mary hit you world i here plodding on behalf of all ages there’s away to keep your future

is bright as the day make a promise yourself right not top rotect your future the safest surest way to protect that future is to invest in united states savings bonds yes united states savings bonds are guaranteed safe they can be lost stolen or destroyed and your government will replace them without charge or every three dollars you invest yougot back four engulfed ten years but most important savings bonds are the convenient way to say or they are automatically simply by the love of a worldwide if you’re not on the vehicle then use the bomber man plan we’ll back five united states savings bonds today

and i’ll back two thousand jimmy and the second act style of the young about food one-sixteenth marriage the harm our cityhall offers a complete line of marriage licenses for both men and women thrownwed lock is complete without love still to this thing last night’s rest yes we’ve gotten fine fine fine for money pairs of eyes cells this is what they look like that uh… what’s gone from where we left off stand up right here just like he did before what’s left it there until then busted for uh… we couldn’t find a flower shops at least i think that this is a nursery was already have a fair for months even fertilizer pamplona for their wedding while just be careful what you throw

your bridal bouquet all right now let’s have another world no wall manned by these presents that james e who was doing there and janet shaw having duly registered the irintentions to united wedlock here with the event pledge that thought before these witnesses uh… there we’d stop dot solid yet darwin’s although on a lot things of now on the and reserved the also seeing several of our lives flat one of them will give the just ice of the peace always has his wife to be the witness my fiance’s catherine for fifteen and a half an hour and i’m not married mitch uh… i will get back to the campus to get a witness will be back just as fast as we can you can finish this terrible on seek my thing on the

flights it yes that’s what we have to be good witnesses waiting we want you to see her happiness always to be a part of our home i’ll be the only piece of furniture you’ve got lock kids do you realize what you’ re getting into you’ve got no place to live no income of your own related to calmthe responsibilities of marriage decides that is that you’re a sophomore and she’s a junior rival over yavlin sky’s writers pillow why all this flash why do it now and solarz what would happen to this country asevery body lead to lower its got married chickenpox and that’s alright their license and we need to happenstance so hi masa

i think it’s only fair to tell you that in marriage there are things that well i don’t know exactly how to put itafter the ceremony so it’s the usual customs one of the main reasons for getting married is well the whole thing takes longer thantwo hours supposedly somebody else witness complete strangers sastry you’ve gone to determine to do the standoff in spanish stopped the math uh… dr i’ll be witness i’ll be bestman head usher maid of honor and i’ll give the bride away only have a protect me at the board of governors ever finds out let’s go well here

we go again not all all men by these presents thatjames neal is doing it janet shaw having duly registered theirintention to united wedlock herewith given leads that brought befor ethese witnesses each to the other who have and to hold from this day forward professor west for richard or poor and sickness and in health the love that you know it’s still thatgrandpa if any question objects to the solemnthis nation of this marriage let him speak now or forever folger’s peeps intends to take this woman to belaw fully wedded life you’ve kept faith this man to be thelaw fully wedded husband hiked in find out for now too from phalanx time this that this is looks like it’s not welfare but let let’s get started how much the transfer with live always glad that the price list of the house but

i think i want to get something forall the time i’ve always deny simply sitting with my wonderful husband some of us in the future design and if you think that the first time stringent style windy and more negative view well it it’s an calc ha by uh… by but five five and i have a hamburger hard cock jimmy from nine till the day i dont i’mgonna feel romantic about next all right unhappy missus nilson blair anchorage teens for five typically uh… between the license justice that the sense that almost all my allowance receipts refried stating i’m steve leg standby responsibility paid for the winning they don’t provide something already neo-nazi forty one some perfume you re dot i’m got everything here ones over the between the two fences in a baby the teddy bear doesn’t uh… well confident the mountain inside didn’t he’s israel’s happened he looks like that all of them stuff statements consistent with the peoplewho are you going to be right back to top newsstands this and complexes at the teddy bear uh…

i think it’seighty nine cents including the tax right these days just spotted don’t don’t bother the wrath of apocalyptic display i’d like to have you made my life this is a list freezing staffed concepts options flattened dkenny how much they cost party with all my worries goods eyes vida uktv you’re going to be on household staff to conduct a whale of a four weekin a household as people on the of i know he doesn’t want and i think you can afford it well if they’ll come back from foreignland for a minute your mother ship foods the hangs for this is it and i think that is some next to me prettiest peanut butter sandwiches atthe scene for executed forec asted are five th synopses have pledged to new tenor where we go i don’t know are forecast five have you back at the time that phone call sleeve and do you have to go back to the dorm undies filled reconnect branded goods arm super visorartist i don’t think missus dealing with understands through the very much privacy http jeff how we created me this is an awful thing we’ve done said pretty not married slot sconclusively nobody’s looking at me of diligent students crazy things uh…

use the term he have to go in almost do you take tell for not knows no i knowi can it sure i do have you been three because of the fraternity house right on this day used the word watch over when she gets home you’ve stanley this is a fine time to get back to the paternity where you’ve got all day uh… work safe anything happen vacay i would be looking all over for you gota long distance phone call from cleve land operator one freight up take care of itright away forty dollars call operator one free must also out hi i guess i wasn’t thinking high stag flation itself together i think it’s the romantic troubling you can right yet writen delete common long-distance operator one three stop coming up on that country what and do you have a call from cleveland for jenny lewis w_h_

on the line up with you like to feel better if it were an operator on eretreat when you look terrible friday saves lives god potty k here defaults o girls alone hair mamani going with longer slight myspace me to the book and it’s not unlike that any night but i got a what’s called the law and smoke dad i’ve got something awful important detail right article urine mom won’t be mad at mewanted that i’m on yes higher all right don c_b_s_ college star in the online wheregoing back to the campus of mid western university in just a moment but first they will remind you to protect thet wenty one with united states savings bonds savings bonds are automatic savings account the savings there on the part payment

payrollsavings plan where you work or if you are self-employed fumes the automatic bombed the month plan if you’re back if you can’t participate in a regular plan fired extra pounds mahlet anne bancroft post office saved with safetyif your bonds are lost stolen or destroyed that replaced without charge so don’t delay your own future your country’s future templates five united states savings bonds are now back to mid western university and members of the fact of the committee statistics show that manages among undergraduates is not conducive to the highest academic achievements them for withholding a special faculty committee to curb married on the campus of mid western a professor mitchell yes it because of your rather gloomy relationship with the members of the student body on the point you wish to have one of those committee to discourage marriage will you take the chair hello faculty members

i consider chair crowd milano on you’re young love the news media college story every week this time starring jimmy live mandanna although with johnused in gilbert mn junior gerontol clarify nelson gloria holiday in lebanon the dot com uncomfortable in the musicof elliott daniel conducted by will run somalia written and directed by wantonly relieving them the columbia abroad natalie lou right guthrie who usually comes around this town skills but this time on monday is often a summer holiday you’ll be back with a six weeks from tonight on blog responded load is simple medically stable needs to be real you’re on the flooring then when tend to think about it it’s pretty darn complicated uh… this is a program of all alone uh…

end norm at that time he on love mid-air newt did and then we moved in with uh…what youngbleaux valued at about ordinary live and work done is done buthave gone on forever then whether that is wonderful grabbing and that is really communities in the june in the june it’snot the there been canada and your love life one right now i’m still nineties i think that attitudes and beliefs it could never happen in holly wood group slides and fifteen sydney team unload removed within one week from you made him do unit five a repay you just forget all that western tradition up with the idea walking past the front is that you without office many in is that on started yet what they do with those panties say paid the faculty ha ha ha malaria and well there’s a typical scene outdoors on our campus now how would you like to take a look into it you know we have a few classes here too that’s doing the journalism building and catch one of the lectures had about had injured sometime we recover art something combat review reasonable land loan officer w absolutely popular professor on the campus no with great office pollock it browning nature of your the physical victor bunk bed uh…

with that he didn’t do a lot of a counter part rock remedy calendar your ball had value image or if you don’t know what the general admission head wait a minute halted re-doing your classes asked me to remind you that there’s still tickets available for the annual sweetheart that uh… one manage all frightening measurement trouble it’s a fairly normal condition in your life has been what’s the problem this time that’s pretty rough being secretly married everybody

in the campus has a date with my wife because the questions that are going to europe for maybe you could put to you why wouldn’t change anything about him cheese burger you probably feel the same way about you where she does he’s crazy promise lobbed but suppose you could tell everybody the truth janet was a scholarship in my dad attorney someplace like inside the area at that school their you know uh… by the way have an idea why don’t you to announce your engagement announce my engagement to

my wife that restrict your merit enduring dat someday you may even get to be good friend hit a bittersweet architecture that way you could let the whole student body know that she’s sup holy nobody on or exactly how bulky headgear bad larry even though you’re my room

mate ican’t make you have a date with my right uh… what with my girl get want a free country who are you must believe me i thought married i’m going to let you know the secret jeremiah for anyone out there in basement yet again seventy nine healthier kids why should i care about a serious thing like that we don’t think the one minute that you wouldn’t get whatever the happy that yet or why not well you’re completely different sheet beautiful smile talented tracted and years yeah yeah when you’re completely different have

you ever heard that opposite sattract library and belligerence true in your case don’t try to discourage me had no idea that you again against the pic larry no matter how if u think we’ve been getting where even thicker than you in cleveland that bad down one family of four congratulations panel i hope you accomplish the impossible programming sometimes right but i thinkyou don’t have a very high idea of me that the perfectly frank if i was a goodyear the land written in the world i think of mary if you’re going to bed reading it again do you know i’d spent all this romanticexcitement about the fed telegram where young men well it might be good news it might bethat it never is go-ahead opening well what if any would you look like

that western activity you’d and lost all that money somebody got lol worse than that worsethan any of those things i gotta go and see jen right away jan i’ve got some news for you might betoo cute until something that you don’t knowabout it yet all i think it’s certainly wonderful ideas and amp engagement almost is excited to meet up jan that isn’t exactly the nor was i wasgonna tell you how it doesn’t dilute amounts of it this week hiking jan you’re gonna hate me just before we get still be thoroughly

development detest museum in these people are we still are goingto happen lovingly testing has different probes repeat rabat field i can’t wait until saturday night the engagement ceremony is always sotouching jane yes at hand a lighting serenading and the way depicted the love invisibility in the cloak of mystery and the carolinas anything and we can wait every guy at the dance gets to one when he’s around the flaw with the m_p_t_topic how do you think you know where kennedy money even before we get engaged we’ve gotta get this in games worker this telegram i just got for my dad perform treatment dot i haven’t gotten client finally that obama saturday on block island located and ensure late term jenny this is all which hender son finish reading the telegram and don’t forget your sex life even lastand allowed in properly cited telegram right that moment there we you you’ve got to win you want to know what we’re all you know my dad just put your foot down telling no immediate just put your foot down on my father our family has the exclusive rights tothe word no how did your dad do everything like thisto you world lucy married and has all the seclients and we have all these daughters what derive eyes were absolutely beautiful ochen anybody be managing with a name iguess to read about jennie garth his real name is france is not new n what am i going to do is there an easy way to break a leg

i guess you just have to go to the sweetheart dance the question romantic and stand up his own wife jimmy don’t worry if you have an idea uh… real nice girl if you don’t need to have a wonderful time we’re not going to be said darden writes about it being mad get furiousthrow something at me not going to hear what nothing you isn’t that just like a woman it was an adult than she graced the report what i have to be a real so noma she acts like joel barr the download may find a way of coming here opposite with an f_a_a_ turned in which is a that it’s a final you gonna say i didn’t write it relied on god one and two for you hole in right away busy so i went to a very close friend ofmine in hired him to write it for him very close friend of i didn’t know you are so chummy with ralph waldo emerson dealer named that s it was stolen from an arsonist i’m gonna murder the

gaya bought it from the dirty crook at least get your money that corroded i believe your pretty close to jimmy engineer q little too close to jimmy m not quite close enough to canada right me something about you need youknow you do anything he could they’re about to get d dcn that you knew how much i think thatthose kids committees into some kind of fancy certainly didn’t pretend he’s with a pretty consistent sweetheart been are you had two very impressive nation much candlelight neve replacing thems elves for several big mail over the damon everybody dances with not birth i didn’t know you had that sentimental streak anyone larry i want you to get to get the full treatment this week butthat’s the works tell again to make this the love liest the most impressive engagement ceremony they ever put on don’t worry mats we  would be

a i’ll pass the word of a whole campus when jimmy and his date walk through that door into the ban saturday night will make it the most unforgettable night of their lives and uh… action there’s a untied suggestion forpart of the daylight hours there’s a lot of it here eight-week day monday to friday so other than a month arthur  god frey does a program red headed completely uninhibited feller read commercials backwards that sort of thing settlement for sensitive he also has a good brandon sinn feinfingers along led by the name of bill law rence and so it is about our lastcall themselves the mariners god frey shold breezes along for seventy five minutes everyday on most of the c_b_s_ stations it’s better than

air conditioning maa non-event and and and and it may have and the fact that i observed on the world down by the station in the early in the evenings and then someone other than the intended missions the train maybe maybe she got sick maybe they got grew up with a male beg to be a cyrus uh… i’m looking for a young man maintain the lowest unit aren’t delivery esther add about prisons did you make in nineteen eighty do my father told me you had nice he and then i don’t think they uh… n certainly allied recognize your keys a mile away man alleged interviewing greeted that you can might come down twenty widened your copy definitely doing fifteen thuntil i couldn’t get the point you although it might make you think and you can’t afford the previous engagement no i had to cancel an engagement myself now they do that i’m going to be an old favorite man at what you wouldn’t think not blind date now they can be done shocked when you tell me and i’m still came in here uh…

dah output not at one hundred mechanical no way and he had learned a long time ago not the type of people getting greater than the headline well that was probably a wise decision entertained your father nikon it’s it’s a good thing to do that i havent making fifty u_n_ hoping to get along with two peas in a five b hope it’s a very large banda filed without looking i was thinking that if if you you would be my tiny bit uni som incompetently food you down for you and you didn’t have tobe modified when it when you get to know me better ican be quite objectionable all i’ve never believed it it no i think they should just leave here at the same wavelength what are you what might work alleges that out that just anything your polic iesthat day i feel a little like one to nineteen of independent not an forest the bull and here a lot of finds these always does thedark uh… can imagine don’t believe it it seems since jane uh… into started to join us toget her just relax and enjoy it magnitude yami at what’s ahead of theday address like a deer meat or your well better than on bias hyped-up comprises i’m prepared forany thing well what

can i take it to your hotel outdated jeans on would like that putting up a little it happen to be with estimate about whichhe’s spreading up with the eagle house is she a nice too she’s a girl college and i feel like benedict arnol dit’s not eugene eats your father well love i was my father and he was mean he was secretly married to you when isent her down for him to take out instead of you well but he wouldn’t do it for me heal prior and understand when you went up on the other the slightest idea what i’m talking about unit i don’t mind regarding the death penalty team teaching within sinn fine but we can do it i have a lot of assignments township of mina cracking recruitment constantine and at that time what kind of a husband and money reading my wife with that said he’d bee non the night of the sweetheart did and what have you and self-help video making anything and i had been everyone wall machine that in my view he’s very pregnant he dances almost as well as you did this i can’t believe listening and and once

again sorry for me not to run question i’d like to be here pages complete it sounds yesterday economy has shifted thr eemonths nineteen sitcom you’re heater seeking but if you like es ther round about thatat me hobby moon if i like esther rather bob avenue i’d be off my rocker you thinking about the way on that a we worked very pretty s he refused to leave well yeah sure might feel it beauty is hidden deep on the inside ofthe person it’s life they have a noodles in a town according to plan b_ is that we had this long walk across the campus behind salem in darkness answer esther i i want to be frank with you

i’d like you best dot all you remove the that’s the gym where the music’s comingfrom they did in the morning right if you’re ever in a pretty whathe’s pretty big in central and restored or you know everybody kind words with ready for it dot and you know what they’re doing staying hand indian online and latinos contains your dont isn’t going to be honest and our wanting now dot gandhi at in takin glessons and not on the right off the back onto the steps testify tap dancer are you prepared slides slides that es ther i’ll leave it pretty much up to you when you wanna spotted side not just my luck lawyers activity and men well management and budget did redoing bombs tonight and dont be i went if you feel and overpowering isto see something to me like you real learning what kind of an urge to see if he wishes better left unsaid they’ll have a job i’m not going to pay capital of sikkim a long time ago

i made up my mind that everyone has said to me i love you on all that many of the otherguy just got along well have only had one of the stakes are allthese k is that you do me yeah they’re here like everybody at least on the part of mystery and available in visibility now wait aminute larry don’t worry about i think in the whole campuses here to help youcelebrate your engagement happier candles everybody steamy we’re gonna make sure this is one romance that less we’re gonna see to it that you dothis we got to really sick all playing anything and where you know the rian indelibly allows uh… mean my honestly the marry environment batsmen tonight glad palaces seven is the little maybe an admin anyway that’s for the president of the woman’s pan hellenic society mode and dean maybe not as a group meeting this week right now between zero believe me and money and you know the aggressiveness didn’t make it easy need high me the all my out my mommy i’d sent you the and i’m not i’m not going to send you a lot of nineteen will on what might be saying that i am not alittle

rendering patted her on the without getting to know mid-year values agreement israel and idea need i’m right lines the hadley null random as part of the image of ceremony in the global we asked but one boom mary but he is the most desired on ewalls around the floor with your new shows in one before you claim of a reverend ed you on monday in the deaths of life will haven’t stated so i didn’t the yello wstone’s i’d like to waste behind i have which had inside there documents or those two kids did thrilled about http chair if you come over here listen to music and what are you doing out here acknowledgement the dorms and and just want to live here on news that in their getting engaged here has been any whoo after all siren reply to the whole engagement ceremony candlelight and everything you know what m_e_l_ it never occurred to me that your own husband wouldn’t take his own wife to the sweetheart that’s without risk ingor i’ve got it into this i’ll get a about somehow called me and my statement that sentiment wealthy makes peacefully engagement ceremony having a bigger on the the deadline i refuse to let this

engagement ceremony continued add one and what i a lot of this error hack accidentally hotpot desired all and declared that a deadly in vestable involves known as the hairless hildegard will have been lovely hilde gard herself on his breakfast of borrows program tonight they’d get subsoil lady astor breakfast at night but with hild egard as a guest breakfast of burrows we’ll be right ontime this monday night following the latest hill arious adventure of john davis in her new department store job breakfast with barrels and leave at the dole bill davis of course are monday night features on most of these samec_b_s_ stations while lux radio theater is on a summer vacation limited joan follows in a few mom en tsover most of the stations now back to the campus of mid western university there say something state

committee from keep looking at mewith advice he stare mister raha one of i don’t know i didn’t even getengaged to her yes too that with time she was you you acted like joan of arc she’s going to treat me like i had a black plague chains he littlest june home shield one wynia management manager because after that if i had a good time not my fault right try to make your as miserable as iwas once and then down again morality and it you’ve got indicate your phone apparent shift of their own way all thetime that’s fine uh… look funny esther read about back in cleveland next quarter on the train himself figuring up over how much money next year so it never happens again i won’t have relatives meddling with comments just because they don’t know about ok lahoma city group overflow devonian mother article didn’t i do not make a husband non-ionic well what happened dot if this happens in fairness freely and have a date with me now it’s your tend to be joan of arc urinary young love the new

c_b_s_college story every week at this time starting today live in and out of allover the nominees grandiose revenue via mobile home embarrassing government out of our abo that we don’t want was there the nearthe developmental conducted by weatherman young about that but never acted by modern suddenly flow introductory who usually comes aroundthis town skills about this time on monday is often a summer holidays he’ll be back with us for weeks from tonight on all this talk about it so i think will be able to make an endto war or somebody that i work in this family  where broke that’s janet and jenifer berry and usualmarried couple therein luon try the flights along here belies this isjohn malone dinner removing the moon dylan alcoholics starting on the outsidethat i won’t have a live and where the bodies that have gone downstairs manuelbattle is obvious uh… business demand man bride is coming down the campus this weekend yachts alumni day and they had never misses his class reunion i stand immediately demand that’s runs farmers go i guess he’s nice my mother likes them so what is interesting newsletter says uh… flight twenty nines eventy morning trophies handwriting on what’s the matter if i make that i was just a beautiful but it’s anyone with but just thought it so i know how could this

indictment we’re analyzing my father’s alms measured unknown you wouldn’t because itrained that hard on the journalism assignment speech i’ve got to meet my father in all this weekend how does a dollar not count toward your father in law has no she says mom i don’t know it’s been so long since iwas a daughter-in-law keeping on manages secret is that theg_a_t_t_ was at a news at this end makes you wanna on the campus on had theg_d_p_ david dot on top proposition excuse me do some old-fashioned i stilltal king words found they’ll have to take a course in this new jet propelled grammar u_n_ janet madhe only people who know where mary suppose you told everybody were married with a will come to an end on this list execute only person when we come up tothe school might get a broad gasket either restricted unique always like miscellany i’ve got an idea jen why don’t you would like to our debtdown this weekend too tour you get both of your father in lawis to get on campus see that they get to know each other and maybe they’ll bereal bodies internals cabin we could uh… spring it on a maybe who

knows mydo the trick outright down today uh… makes thanks that’s my dealer did n’t you know all along i was a b c d p uh… bc teepee beethoven type requested man re-reading the arrival of the burned like number twenty nine ehlo they get a job before really dumb what did you find a lot like i don’t know he just looks like an ordinary potteryvoluntary is allowed god yes sunila can benefit from occupied and i’d like tomeet a pilot studies coming up one hearing on twelve army astronomy yethave a busy anyways to astronomy and a romantic about dad i want to say it isgood to get back to mold stabbing ground again makes me feel like a college boy happiest days of my life was better thanthat correction there together mohanlal may start colbert amanda advances janet shot dan rutz shop anti-yeltsin show if you do what

is your family and natural gas down i don’t think so i don’t even remember railroads they are packed i’m going to have a nice friday off your order might be went to promised arms everybody on the plane got sick and i was sitting next to a ten week salb right although all the way only way to travel gotta go out in front when you’re like awesome it certainly is good to get legally office for a week and i tell you i’m uh… monitor the realestate business onmarket was that girl following in sfo cheese with me she’s a friend of mine didn’t know well you can sell you a long period ofyour auto days steps on the line and that’s

what they’re doing did you ever hear where the women’s civic betterment lee to excel which i calling me a swindler trying to drive me out of business just because my no real estate development is a little bit sloppy stoop and out of it all the kind of manthey’re up against i have not yet makeup python period your own bad either lauren and civic that a monthly cannot put up for you tonight and we are gonna have dinner the night ofthe alpine by hull do you remember to implode your doing project boat you know you family prompted the order james a_ used to play a house with irritated at the might you have a growing number of live next door to relevant nada de lo ago now ha ha ha vanity at stake respect deliveryremember do you james hydro juran lots of love travail over edit also got money to go what is your bothered or the railroads news he wanted to thank you for using time hardened by compromising with that then dad you’re hurt ur feelings what i say say you want seriously interested medgar it you

reichardt is slowly do some time ago they can hang onto i tell people to the store by this bill turned sideways you wouldbe no she was there panelists say in this car well i think she’s beautiful enough to order did you always stiff breeze find yourself but help me get a less what you love janet is smart or steer clear of the smart ones it was one thing you don’t wanna know what its brain thanda and uh… reassuring that there will be honest andi think so yahoo com dot my an investigation i was in time for me right now orchard and writing he’s nothing like jaja might get a good genting you’ll like my father

when you get toknow could have been a dramatic the alpinecave it’s a real man tracing here again might be able to get on prize dead at odds i don’t think the power dot keele acwhat happened in downtown not-so-little you laxmi open i think that’s witnesses but i get the bodies that we are goingto be here brian dot yes cabinet not handsome guy on t_v_ and was there this is somebody i once did not get etc thriving hearing so much about it butyou don’t have to because dad’s candidate and on it was just at the top of it do writing news james she was doing and that they needed you can expect the effort you put on the

doubly i’d like to talk about it but you don’t want to get to look at it here and then i think that it did there even pop up don bacteria that missus schott you listen to listen listen having his means luv danielle actually iterated that at atractor common name at which no that i am wired connection kit and i think itis going to stop a different uh… tempted to being there sure it is a place right now the special right there not like you better once i get it looks good think inside of me but we don’t have it with any nice

Audition Show ,Young Love:

weather i’d buy tickets mikey about the carpet businesses uneasiness in dallas and i remember them you have no idea how important in uh… you’d be looking at each other is involved in just a so that we can see yet we are people accuse young people can thinks eriously about one another we must know how you want white separatist and ithink the most innovative psychologically then back to you by teaming it might be about cutting against testthat he needs the time now that you had al caps uh…

do you really believe in these things missus your own right yes analogous to china town without adjusting easy web it’s gone teak say yeah frequently pretty interesting pack i can read it like that printed page visits and someone who you children could not possibly being married to each other pc you talk to you got there there screaming all the and janar got a very strong feeling we’ vema de a mistake abidjan afraid what’s going on bring your dad my mother to get it did nt manipulated timing cameras to grab a mix of really micro soft white would like to get it like abundant sunshine i wouldn’t go bragging about your mother energy leaves she’s not been a lot behind came back and

tell you that right at all i’ve been looking all over ploy have been asking everybody on the campus whereas the residence of mister and missus james e llewellyn and they just look at me about well if i’m crazy or how did you wonder what i mean liquid don’t you remember me i worried you you have to submit law firm sako grill i guess you didn’t recognize me in the setwo-tone shoes occasion yes i i just came down to see how things were going utility press couple i never married i wanted to see that really took are you happy still

just the two of you haircut hyphen just the two of you for weeks ahead just wasn’t thinking silly doesn’t happen that password grasshoppers and she’s not a good look at that you know how i feel about you too i feel a lot like it like a shopkeeper who just one of the business and wants to make sure it’s personal went over one slash you know satisfied customers we’re very satisfied with your work you like the way i tried to run you have no idea that kind of not you tank

i’m glad you got it you’d always wear well we going to do to celebrate celebrate what you think that parenting time all what about your parents know twenty spell your father and his mother do itall ul your mother and prabhat now-retired our new york at how well nevermind i’ll get itstraightened out again dinner and you can one keep the alpine cannot find a way of all i know just where that is unreachable we cannot allow that i know exactly what you’re trying to set up and realize that a couple of newlywed still in collegedon’t have much money to throw around it and i just between you and maybe ajustice of the peace isn’t exactly a texas oil man and so there’s been a ton of the patch armstrong

i know i won’t have any otherway dot starts much when we have dinner tonight it’s gonna be every man for himself almost we’ll be back with young love in just a moment basil rep on the c_b_s_ startled right pays a visit who take breakfast coupon or later this evening a most of the c_b_s_ station this direct one usually utilizes his wits to how quickly are in criminal mister perot utilizes his words to write songs like the girl with a creed it should be quite a battle of wits asthe public relations and recall it on c_b_s_ later this evening breakfast of barrels inspired in part ofthe familiar lux radio the atre time and his so called because mister burrows gets up now back to demand out of the second actup and in paying out by when pay problem

this is a really good where every night of the remarkableoutward whatever love me forever that’ll be goodclean install all that bob dole riyadh by it a guy with a better in his cabinet commences home schooled my spirit jolly host in brook line perioperative whole every month will realize that radical liberal dot archived by uh… except that downplaying katie was a little slice of old switzerland sample a guide painful guys onward to read them it’s a little hole do alright you teledyne tired the intended i want to live in charge of the england bouncing up my about their own betty and anywhere but he did not antibody

but not that’s the plan for when i stop triennial right now of the at buying mate all do you know i’m not well outside jobs are gone couple that i painted the president or the other little on army could do it and look at this is my sonand i must give all the old camp meeting with you leader and i’ll be a sport they got a tale of a brief unplugged added where o games bringing another girl ago he rolled out dual air bags are more doubt it case not exactly a girl perry where you’re going out carried away

i will leave the do i didn’t want i can promise to us we’re going to meet here misses you are this is my father it picked up a so i don’t know what the letter would you like to sit down the status ofyour view of the bill do dollars but there are no uh… allow a hope you have an order but and i haven’t kept you waiting or is this guy do platform awareness on the parmar might have been kasagic found out about you bother yourself with introductions let me guess that’s mister shaw and that’s missus lewis i miss lewis during this initial down but don’t don’t you worry permenante myown way that out there or exactly how takes place in eighteen eighty-two arguing that

we are on the sole balboa st i want all the big hole college buddy there’s a spot called light now i a whole proprietor the alpineuh… hahaha a contraband on all the time being up back in the day that i would it and often about the government that one’s dot abroad could be developed as a matter of catholic ho dot really what i want to have an update on the what you both want to leave element that will be michael dot pick edup a burger king but not pushed me personally development one of the addressee i read the articles reaction it’s not our style you know i feel like tonight gone likes what doing all of this fellow’s name a not exactly but i know this mucheaster circle and false why don’t you let me or i can specialty is all wrong biking occupants coming out of these mester breakout morrow yes sorry

im i guess you folks might be pretty happy about what’s happened what’s happened off almost all said that you did bataya i want to post to know that you’re not one bit more about the money and carroll campbell what’s ahead on the i suppose i’ll be thinking about them evaluation of the page well we are figured let those books on the other side the atlantic daycare lent money n they care about him and i don’t know what suicide aboutis the way i run my business for years what about the mistake on my wall about that billions of dollars should be spending reid here at all i never spent the two dollars do end it do it’s right there on the wall of my office circle that just as big as a life well i suppose is nothing wrong with doing it yes the sports utility vehicles back into bed bon uh… marriage marriage i guess i justas many like it nobody’s

come up with a satisfactory suppossed zero dash yesterday but too often wonder where we men wouldbe without the women or whether we would be without the man and you know these two youngsters here video card flock you don’t know why i think i would yes i was just four weeks ago today jacked up by the by the policy hungry dot ideals dot cabin to get does not work don’t stop abusing my appetite at a few days in space the i daho united’s adult life style and i want totalk about china also uh… dot but there are quitea fortunate dual-use that’s mellow hikind as calls my eyes and tell you that’s that’s a indeed i a two-year nineteen and twenty two and therefore i don’t know that i want one went inside and continues to our people did not well that

i can stand needlepoint mikey d_ in he next week i liked or cheesy was i started to say before it was justfour weeks ago today that these two have you here are our phones getting columbia’s nato member dot com relatively sitting around here think nineteen twenty two up to you what what’s in there me in mind albert economical anyplace that they’ve decided that without asking at the park new york  asyou gotta be a ecuador reported on without ako i’m going to have to think investigatiVE documents documentary fair batterer i missed it him and disney spot managers women’s civic adamantly ibm understand that you have any remote connection when his credo are pretty karo and also chairman of the policy goal gone right found out that don’t lose your temper months they’ve been on my neck bi-monthly making

my life measure up anti-arab riot hype about a mile or album ought to geton weekend weight and from now whatever surveyed adamantly and i get back right at hot mail dot alligators excel do well i have worked mister delay on a more realistic man that what i know planner j hierarchies and cried i assume you but defamation are out for your every are have not when we get to know if you look at youwon’t be enough so what votes old all and i i want to help monologue doing i’ve done is completely legal he got that wake-up realistic development on a dot p piczo it’s a little back what’s wrong with a lot delgado and our relationship with our baggager ock well had

all surely hoping the peace because people at nine o’clock a book element twelve thousand dollars not justa matter of papering might data but it’s not the people like new duck definitely demobilized while women we gotta kill the pontiff speak legislator i don’t like it when you are coming out of business con man lol i gots wait on that property i hadto get rid of it somehow why dapat or at night but not by everywhere michael at nine oh nine char and i don’t want reggie white black you know i sent a very bad but with look great not another second and i don’t know ifyou are sitting at that time picked the e-vite volume analyst holding james and i want you oryour state are starting out in the operating cardiac brought was taken

all d harmonic but someone one i must have done something wrong not staff but section or not died when tan but more like the program but may not know how they look like bob and betty dot blot nevertheless david bonioryou’ll probably expected of israel are you at your cartel pablo all of art event but i know i lived at the moment what i’ve done and live here n hero in do when they were properly robert thank you in the department store tonight on the annual monday commissaries live at the job

impact if you’ll just a two and most of the things that he will bring you joan immediately following the unlock now back to the campus of mid western university rai mondi where kids have to go about your book really got to know eachother there when they got to be real elton it would have been on a little bit somehow we didn’t it would be exactly record river barge that proper treatment mem be rof that deadlier having brian monica relied on the ball rolling along with the murder problem ron ron carey robert mont go mery barbara barbara barbara berra never metthe girl you’re bending over backward why won’t work the arbitrary man directed by bar do do wagner

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