We are all proud of you RN Reena Grover

 We are all proud of you RN Reena Grover


Story by Om Verma Atal Hind News NY

I just wanted to pass a message to everyone. I am an RN. I work in a hospital. I was positive for COVID-19 so I was home for 2 weeks. I had a fever, body aches, chills but no respiratory symptoms. I was watching the news and thinking like other people… corona is not serious, only media highlighting it. Only old people get really sick. Young people are fine. So Monday when I went back to work, my department and hospital were not the same that I left 2 weeks ago. People who know me, they call me a superwoman. I am a very strong person. But Monday when I entered my unit, it was scary. The emergency department was crazy. People were running in PPE. All the alarms were sounding. In my 12 hr shift, at least I heard 20 codes. I saw bodies. I literally had tears in my eyes. I came home and thank my God a million times for preventing me from a serious illness. I just wanted to say COVID is not only old people infection. I saw young people in the ’30s ’40s having difficulty breathing. Please people don’t take your health granted, its greatest gift from God. Please stay at home as much as possible. Save other lives. If you guys have mild symptoms self-quarantine for 14 days. It comes to an emergency if you have difficulty breathing.

Please stay home, your life is very important. Please, Please take care of yourself follow all instructions of your government
I am very worried about India, India is my birthplace and I don’t want to see anyone in bad shape and would like to say  Hats off to those Nurses, Drs, CNAs, Housekeeping staff, transporters, and everyone who working and helping people and standing between there life and death.

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