You will not know whether the person around you is a novel corona virus carrier

You will not know whether the person around you is a novel corona virus carrier


Living with the novel Corona virus or Kovid 19

The human world has turned almost upside down. The recent epidemic has engulfed the everyday lives of humans, and it happened suddenly. Fear has emerged from the darkness and spread very rapidly within the whole world, and has paralyzed the regular functions of humans. The novel corona virus has brought with it many novel ways, which were unknown by humans, but were neglected by them.

Now, many people say that from now on, the pre and post novels will be the era of corona virus.

But, will the novel become a novel due to the corona virus? If we learn the essence of this painful epidemic, we will see the emergence of a welcome world on the other side of this heart-breaking! On the other hand, if the text remains unread, it will, of course, create enmity between nations, leading the world into a confrontation of novels.

Let’s hope to be the best. Let us have some optimism and look at a better human society where there is no religious, caste or caste discrimination.

Living with the novel Corona virus or Kovid 19 – Precautions

Always be hygienic anywhere and at all costs. Maintaining personal hygiene is essential.
Whenever you get out, wear a face mask; For common use, a two-tiered cloth mask is preferable. You can reuse the same after washing. You can also make it at home.
When wearing and removing masks, you should be doubly careful; You should not touch the middle part of the hand; Always, hold the string for wear and removal.
Do not place your mask casually, after use. Always take it to your bathroom for washing and wash it immediately with soap or detergent. If it is a ‘one-time use’ mask, you should wash it the same way and put it in a plastic bag and then in a garbage bag. You can also cut it into one or two pieces, as this will prevent anyone from using it again. After removing the mask, you should wash your hands.
Remember, when you are out of your house, you will not know whether the person around you is a novel corona virus carrier. In practice this means that your entire body is unhealthy and, therefore, never allow your hands to touch the weak parts of your body such as the nose, eyes and mouth.
Always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you; This will help you a lot as you move forward.
Forget about handshake greeting; Do not greet by joining one hand; Instead, you can just bend your hands and shake your head. This is the best form of greeting.
Clean your hands more often; When you are at home, you can use soap.
It is always good to take hot foods and drinks.
Maintain personal distance; At least three feet from the other person.
For these early periods, in any case it is prudent to stay away from crowded places.
When you arrive at your home or workplace, clean your hands and feet.
When you arrive at your home, you should enter only after washing your feet. Straight, you must take your bath.
Take protein rich food, which will build your resistance level and increase overall immunity.
Do physical exercise regularly, which will help our body metabolism.
If you feel something wrong with your body then get in touch with a practicing physician. Never try self medication.
Finally, we must learn the lesson taught by this novel corona virus, how fragile human life is, and it can also collapse with a minute virus, which is not visible to the human naked eye. Therefore, we should throw away the hatred that we were carrying forward and love each other. Let us become novel human being.
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