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It’s an honor to be one of the judges

It’s an honor to be one of the judges

USA(ATAL HIND)It is an honor to be one of the Pageant Judges for Miss/Ms/Mrs/Classic/Curve Regency International 2021 at The Golden Nugget Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a judge, I represented my current Beauty Queen title as World Class Beauty Queen USA Ambassador,

by owner pageant director Derek Tokarzewski, Mr. United Nations. Yesterday was the  second day of judging for the Fashion segment, July 30. Tonight, July 31, 2021, is the Finals and Coronation night! Congratulations to all the new titileholders! Special thanks to owner, director of Miss Regency International  Terri L Travis Dingle and Gina Bea Tritley for the invite! (Corazon Ugalde Armenta)




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